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Low migration waterless Offsetinks

After an intensive test phase, we can now offer you our new low-migration UV offset ink series 6800 for waterless offset printing.

The ink series is characterized by fast curing and good color stability and can be used to print on all materials, such

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Lowest Migration Systems (LMS) Varnishes

The newest generation of low migration UV-varnishes has been successfully used by customers for nearly one year. To the use of high-quality raw materials with a extremely low migration tendency, compared to conventional low-migration varnishes, these

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Messtand der GSB Wahl GmbH auf der LabelExpo 2015 in Brüssel

Looking back on LabelExpo 2015

We would like to thank all customers, who visited us at Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels. We hope, that you have a lot of positive impressions, specially of our new pioneering areas. Special thanks got to everyone, who celebrated with us the 50th

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Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft würdigt die Forschungstätigkeit durch GSB.

Stifterverband appreciated GSB research

The Stifterverband for the German science appreciates the research activities by GSB: less than 1 percent of the enterprises in Germany do an active research. But only research is creating innovations and generates the growth. The Stifterverband

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New opal varnish PR 1018

GSB developed a new, extremely opal, UV varnish. The varnish is used since some time successfully with our customers. The UV opal varnish PR 1018 is highly fluid and reaches a brilliance up to 8 - 12. The varnish does not thicken during the process,

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Primäre aromatische Amine Information

Primary aromatic amines

Primary aromatic amines (paA) are used in the past for production of certain pigments, so-called Azopigments. But paA’s can be transferd to the printing ink and contaminate them. Some of the paA’s seem’s carcinogenic and genotype-changing. In


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Farbabstimmung mit Lichtkästen

Ohne Licht keine Farbe: Die Farbe, die gesehen wird, hängt von dem Licht ab, in dem das Etikett betrachtet wird. Metamerische Effekte bewirken zudem eine Änderung der Farben, je nach Lichteinstrahlung. Im Lichtkasten gewährleisten standardisierte

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